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Canker sores, also known as mouth ulcers, can make talking and eating very painful.

People who've experienced these irritating mouth sores before are more susceptible to being exposed to them again, even multiple times throughout their life.

A determination of how canker sores are caused hasn't been directly identified, however, researchers feel that irritation, stress or even small mouth injuries can cause the sores to form.

If you currently have canker sores in your mouth, or you've had sores in the past, below are a few helpful tips and suggestions, for relieving and preventing these cankers from irritating your life.

Tips That Can Really Help Your Sore Mouth:

   Immediately after a small to large mouth injury, place a hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton ball, or tissue on the area and hold for 15 seconds or more. Repeat this continually throughout the next few days to a week, to help prevent the injury from becoming a full-blown mouth sore.
   If you're susceptible to mouth sores, limit the amount of citrus you ingest. Not only can citrus sting the infected area if there is an outbreak, but citrus has also been considered a reactor that assists the outbreak of mouth sores, or make them worse.
   A canker sore is not a cold sore, do not mistake the two, because may often do. What relief method you may use for one, typically does not work for the other.
   Take the appropriate vitamins. Canker sores are thought to develop because of deficiencies in the body. B-12 and zinc are known immune boosters, but it would be prudent to ask your doctor what supplement would be right for you to take, to keep your immune system operating at a high level.
   Lysine has been thought to help prevent canker sores. Lysine is an essential amino acid and you can find lysine in a supplement form at your local health food store. You can also find lysine in chicken, fish and eggs.
   Eat More Yogurt. Live cultures promote healthy bacteria to form in your mouth and stomach, which can help prevent mouth sores.
   If you have a full blown canker sore, the only known method for getting rid of the ulcer is time. It can take up to two weeks or more for a canker sore to go away. So be patient. If your canker sore gets worse, or doesn't rescind after two weeks, consult a medial physician.
   Warm Salt Water. Whether you think a canker sore is on the way, or you are in pain right at this moment, start flushing your mouth with warm salt water every few hours to keep the sore clean and to prevent it from spreading and becoming worse.

As a side note; if you are experiencing a painful mouth sore at the moment, you may consider applying Orajel Mouth Sore Gel. This will numb the pain for a limited period of time. Be warned, it does sting on initial application, but it is a trusty pain relief solution that you might want to consider.

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