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Planning a wedding is a busy time. Their email list of things to complete and remember is endless. From organising wedding attire, flowers, transportation, booking the church and venue, as well as booking a photographer and videographer, I could go on. The price of your special day can easily soar out of your reach so it is smart to try and cut costs where you can without compromising your special day. One of the key places to save money is in the manufacture of wedding invitations. Nowadays many couples opt to create their very own wedding invitations. We have put together a summary of some ideas to help you help make your own wedding invites that will stay ahead of the crowd.

• If you wish to create a truly special wedding invitation we recommend you use handmade paper. Handmade paper adds that extra something to any piece and will look truly special. To make the invite, use custom card inside a colour that suits the theme of the wedding, cut the handmade paper right into a size just small compared to this, what about a 2- 3 cm border and place it on top. To accomplish add a text layer that you could print off both at home and chose your preferred font and text.

• Why not use simple stamps to easily add a little bit of life and a lot of personality aimed at your website? Find a stamp that portrays your personality or perhaps is relevant to the theme of the wedding and stamp away. Once the ink is dry it's a good idea to add some colour for your stamps with the use of coloured pencils. Chose an ink colour for the stamp that's similar otherwise the same as your font for consistency.

• A great way to produce a simply elegant invitation is with the use of lace. Cut lace slightly larger than your cardstock. Spray it with adhesive glue and keep to the card. Trim the edges to ensure it is nice and neat. This is the perfect method to create a classy invitation. Which are more classic look, chose monochrome colours, keep it classy.

• Should you care to then add colour to your invitation take a trip to your local arts and craft shop to determine what scrapbook patterns and designs are on offer. Utilizing a die- cut is a great way to add colour to some card. To make an invitation print off your text later and back it with coloured card, you are able to glue your die- cut invitation for any fun and energetic look.

• For a simple method to add style for your invitation add ribbon that suits your colour scheme. Hot glue the ribbon to the card stock and wrap it around to produce a clean line, fasten a backing layer to make sure that the wrapped ribbon isn't visible.


Getting creative with your invitations can be fun. Coming up with your own designs to see them come to life with your own hard work can be very rewarding. Not just that, it can cut costs too. There's so much to think of on the run up to your big day and wedding cover is a must to ensure the security of all your hard work and happiness. Try this advice; let your creative mind flow and best of luck with all the preparations!

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