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Many Americans have a problem with obesity with vast amounts of dollars spent each year on weight loss aids and fad diets. However, slimming down and staying in great shape could be quite easy when we just go to our roots. The Paleo Diet and Crossfit training course provides an excellent synergy when it comes to a natural strategy to achieve your fitness goals.

The Paleo Diet is based around the philosophy of rejecting the current diet and seeking to get back to the way in which our distant ancestors ate. The diet not only does away with processed food, it also eliminates a lot of the produce in the modern agricultural revolution, including whole grain products. Basically it reverses the time to a time when cavemen roamed Europe inside a hunter and gatherer mode prior to the time of agriculture.

As a result, the Paleo Diet mostly includes a diet of meats and organic fruits and vegetables. The diet works mainly by cutting out a lot of the processed nutritionally deficient food that caused problems with our nutrition to begin with. Additionally whole foods combat insulin resistance that is a big issue in the West. One benefit of the Paleo Weight loss program is that more calories could be consumed as there is a greater thermogenic effect towards the food since it is in its raw unprocessed state requiring more energy to digest. Thus calorie counting is not a problem.

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One of the more highly controversial facets of the Paleo Weight loss program is that foods for example whole grains, milk, and egg products are excluded from the diet. There is little scientific evidence to aid excluding these food types, and many claims about our system not having time for you to adapt to these changes through the years by Paleo enthusiasts have been debunked by scientific studies showing there have been genetic changes over time, such as the expression of more copies of the salivary amylase gene. Nonetheless, the Paleo Diet probably works better for some people with food allergies, such as those who are lactose-intolerant or gluten intolerant.

The Crossfit training program likewise is based on the concept of doing things the way we are meant to. As a result it stresses functional movements mirroring daily actions, over artificial workouts that don't correspond to anything we may do naturally during the day. In fact, with all this natural philosophy it is not surprising that the Paleo Weight loss program is one of the two diets recommended through the program (another being the Zone Diet).

Workouts during the day are constantly varied and posted online each day. People are also challenged to create and achieve robust personal goals. Activities are done for short durations at high intensity. Much research has revealed such high intensity interval training such as this can actually be more effective for fat loss because it is important to give muscle tissues an opportunity to periodically rest. Otherwise, by doing an excessive amount of steady cardiovascular endurance training, one could be in danger of losing lean body mass during a diet. Our ancestors didn't do cardiovascular endurance workouts, they expended a short amount of energy in a nutshell periods of time.

The fantastic thing about the Crossfit program and Paleo Diet together is that since the Paleo Weight loss program is not about calorie restriction and has a tendency to generate high protein levels from meat consumption, lean muscle mass development could be accelerated. Maintaining and building lean body mass has long been recognized as key to boosting the metabolism and maintaining long term weight loss. By combining both of these programs together, you just might reach your weight loss goals easier than you'd have thought possible.

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